His Past

The Fickle Heartbeat


I think it’s very unattractive when people talk badly of their previous relationships or anyone they were involved with. Clearly, they liked the person for some reason, and they probably had their good times and bad. Now, breakups are never easy and usually messy, but that is no reason to bad mouth anyone, especially to the girl you’re trying to impress.

I’ve had a few instances where guys would try to earn pity points by telling me sob stories of how horrible their exes were.

Take “B” for example. We became friends at a friend’s party, and he had a girlfriend when I first met him. We got along well when we hung out with our friends, but he never brought out his girlfriend. He started messaging me often randomly and would rant about how unhappy he was in his relationship. At first, I was genuinely concerned, so I gave…

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