The Perks of Having “You”

The Fickle Heartbeat

Perks of Having You

1. I can have the shittiest day, and all I have to do is call you and hear your voice to calm me down.

2. Knowing that my presence and absence mean something to somebody.

3. It makes me happy to think that you’re in this relationship because I make you happy and because you want me to be happy too.

4. I can’t explain it word for word, but you just get me. I don’t have to say a million words; you just do.

5. At times when I feel so thankful to have you by my side, I think of ways to better myself in return of my thankfulness.

6. When I’m driving home late at night, and I’m falling asleep on the road, I have you to call on my speed dial.

7. When I have a fight with my mom/sister/friend/colleague/stranger, I could vent all I want…

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My Kind of Soulmate

The Fickle Heartbeat

A wonderful feature post by Single Strides. Please enjoy!

My Kind of Soulmate

Everyone wants to believe in their one true love. They want to believe in love’s true kiss, the chill-you-to-your-bones first look when you fall in love, and the earth-shattering moment you’ve found the person you can’t live without. You want to imagine the day when nothing else matters but the hand you’re holding, the eyes that watch you fall asleep and the smile that wakes you in the morning.

Everyone wants to believe in finding their soulmate. The person that fits you so completely, you’re not sure how you survived so long without them. The person that finishes your thought even before you have, and pushes you to reach even higher than your dreams. Everyone wants to wait for the person that fills you with so much joy that you forget what sorrow is. The person that you always…

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His Past

The Fickle Heartbeat


I think it’s very unattractive when people talk badly of their previous relationships or anyone they were involved with. Clearly, they liked the person for some reason, and they probably had their good times and bad. Now, breakups are never easy and usually messy, but that is no reason to bad mouth anyone, especially to the girl you’re trying to impress.

I’ve had a few instances where guys would try to earn pity points by telling me sob stories of how horrible their exes were.

Take “B” for example. We became friends at a friend’s party, and he had a girlfriend when I first met him. We got along well when we hung out with our friends, but he never brought out his girlfriend. He started messaging me often randomly and would rant about how unhappy he was in his relationship. At first, I was genuinely concerned, so I gave…

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Looking for love in all the right places.

!BEST AK (42)IMG_1680Photos  ©H.G. Sherman

If you love somebody, set them free.” ~ Sting

Certain attributes are the foundation for all healthy relationships. It would be great to have all of those qualities in a partnership, but if more than a few are missing, then no matter how hard you try, it will never be a deep emotional and spiritual connection. To attract what you want and need most in a relationship it helps to have your own list. Here is mine in the order of what I consider important:

1. To have a healthy connection it is necessary to be with someone capable of  emotional maturity and growth. No matter how many wonderful qualities someone has, or how strong the physical attraction is; the difficulty of living with their shadow side determines whether the relationship can last.

2. You and your partner should be willing to admit when you are…

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7 Things About Marriage I Wish I’d Known As a Newlywed

Speaking of Marriage

wedding-feetMost of us step into marriage hoping for a lifetime of love and happiness, knowing far too little about what might give us our best shot at getting there. Many of us assume that because we’re in love, because we have common values and compatible dreams we’ve got everything we need to have a marriage that lasts.

Sure, lots of couples divorce. “But, honestly…” we think, “how hard could it be?”

The answer: much harder than any of us had imagined.

When my husband and I married, I assumed that, despite our lack of experience and the terrible role models we had — how’s this for blind optimism — we’d do perfectly fine. I was realistic enough to know that, like all couples, we’d face our fair share of difficulties. Whatever they were… I assumed we’d face them together, that we’d be an invincible team.

What I never considered was that one of our challenges would be…

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38 Best Tips for Newly Weds

Simon and Jean Tang

To help us prepare for life together, Simon and I asked our friends and family for their marital advice during our wedding. Some responses were full of wisdom and enlightening while others were fun and amusing. I thought it’d be nice to share some of my favourites with you. Here’s our top picks!

For the Gentlemen (Simon)

  1. A woman is defined by her life, of which a big part is centered on you.
  2. The price of a hairdresser is an investment, not an expense.
  3. Never forget anniversaries, not just the wedding, but little ones too.
  4. Every tough obstacle you come across is a challenge to make you stronger.
  5. Remember to shower, basic I know, but try not showering.
  6. Always remember to be the first to say sorry, no matter what – even though you think you’re right.
  7. Never forget that her parents entrusted you to take care of her.
  8. Always remember not…

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